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Ometepe Island, Nicaragua

The Ometepe Biological Station is in Isla de Ometepe. Ometepe is an island of 276 square kilometers lying in Lake Nicaragua. It is the largest Volcanic island in the world situated in a fresh water lake. Two majestic forested volcanoes dominate the island. One called Maderas raises 1,400 meters above the lake. The other, Concepción is even taller and reaches a height of nearly 1,700 meters. Ometepe is situated in southeastern Nicaragua and has a population of 30,000 people…

La Suerte, Costa Rica

La Suerte Biological Field Station is located in northeastern Costa Rica, Central America, longitude 83° 46’15” W, latitude 10° 26’ 30” N. Average rainfall is 3800mm (15”) at an altitude of 50 m above sea level. This lowland neotropical region remains one of the most biologically diverse in the world. The field station encompasses 1000 acres containing a wealth of habitats, including primary and secondary forests, swamps, marshes and pastures…

Attend a Course in the Jungle:

Primate Behavior & Ecology

Winter: 12/27/19 to 01/09/20, $2095 USD
Summer #2: 06/24/19 to 07/17/19, $2400 USD
Summer #3: 07/19/19 to 08/14/19, $2400 USD

Dr. Laura Bolt, La Suerte

This intensive field course provides experience in studying wild monkeys in a tropical rainforest environment and is excellent preparation for graduate studies in primatology, animal behaviour, and ecology… (read more)

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Advanced Primate Behavior & Ecology

Winter: 12/27/19 to 01/09/20 $2095 USD
Summer #2: 06/24/19 to 07/17/19 $2400 USD
Summer #3: 07/19/19 to 08/14/19 $2400 USD

Professor Dr. Laura Bolt, La Suerte

The Advanced Primate Behavior and Ecology course is for graduates of the MRC Primate Behavior and Ecology course and/or graduate students interested in completing master’s project fieldwork… (read more)

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Veterinary Field Training Mission

2019 Session A: 12/25/2019 to 01/05/2020, Dr. Kelly Parish, $2050 USD
2020 Session B: 01/03/2020 to 01/13/2020, Dr. Kelly Parish, $2050 USD
2020 Session C: 05/24/2020 to 06/03/2020, Dr. Kelly Parish, $2050 USD

Designed for pre-veterinary students in their undergraduate studies. Students will learn about veterinary medicine in a developing country… (read more)

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Rainforest Ecology

Please contact for information on 2018-2019 course dates

Instructor: Dr. Laroy Brandt

The course is a hands-on field experience to familiarize students with the diversity of life in the rainforest… (read more)

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Dr. Laura Bolt


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